We represent a network of distinguished 
professors, scientists, engineers, inventors and leading authorities.


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Representing You

Busy litigators don’t have the time, billable budget, or resources to conduct a rigorous and comprehensive expert search for each of their cases.  That’s where we come in.  We utilize our proprietary search software and our extensive database of experts to locate and assess experts based on our client’s case specifications.

We represent a network of distinguished professors, scientists, engineers, inventors, and leading authorities in specialized technologies. We would like to add you to our network if you have expertise in a specialized technology area or industry, at no charge to you.



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How it Works

When you join our network, it is on a strictly non-exclusive basis. There are no costs or fees to you. Each opportunity we present to you has been carefully evaluated to match your expertise. We communicate with you at the front end to determine your suitability for an engagement.

We know your time is important and we are careful not to waste it. We will also never proffer your CV to one of our clients for consideration without your prior participation in conflict vetting and express approval.