If you don’t find your answer in Frequently Asked Questions, please email information@becheexpertservices.com or call 925-263-6972.


How does your service work?
Beche Expert Services works with law firms and large corporations supplying patent litigation expert witnesses. When you contact us with a specification for an expert, we go out and perform a customized search for the best expert with qualifications that match your case-specific needs. Complimenting our custom search process, we have developed an advanced proprietary Case Match Engine™ enabling a comprehensive industry wide expert search. The Case Match Engine™ also supports our database of hard to find, highly specialized, highly credentialed, fully vetted, litigation ready experts.

How is Beche Expert Services different from other Expert Witness Firms?
We perform a highly specific custom search for every inquiry based on your exact needs. We don’t just hand you a stack of resumes from our database.

What are the fees for your service?
All engagements through Beche Expert Services are cost free until an expert is retained. There is no fee for the search. We perform a search to locate the best qualified, pre-vetted, and conflict-free experts to match your case needs. You are then presented with the best possible expert candidates to review. Should you engage our expert, our fee is a fixed rate.

Why engage Beche Expert Services ?
We save you time and frustration. You are provided with the best candidates, pre-vetted and conflict-free to choose from. You are provided with an opportunity to speak with the expert candidates. Operating as an extension of your team, we do the legwork so you can focus on the legal work.

How do I initiate a search?
Simply contact Beche Expert Services via the website, email, or phone 925-263-6972. Our support staff is available to speak to you about your expert needs.


How it works.  
When you join our network, it is on a strictly non-exclusive basis. There are no costs or fees to you. Each opportunity we present to you has been carefully evaluated to match your expertise. We communicate with you at the front end to determine your suitability for an engagement. We know your time is important and we are careful not to waste it. We will also never proffer your CV to one of our clients for consideration without your prior participation in conflict vetting and express approval. 

Why should I, as a top expert in my field, work with Beche Expert Services?
Beche Expert Services, as your administrative partner, can connect you with opportunities to grow your earning potential and showcase your expertise. We handle all the paperwork and billing for you. If you are contacted by Beche Expert Services and presented for a case, it is because we feel you are the best candidate for their case. You, as an expert, do not have to “sell yourself” to the law firm.

What kind of experts do you work with?
Our main focus is high-tech patent litigation experts but we do occasionally receive search requests from litigators for experts in other areas.

How can I get added to your database or get considered for expert witness projects?
Contact our support staff at 925-263-6972 (information@becheexpertservices.com). They will help you join our network.

What are the fees for being listed with your company?
We are a highly specialized search firm, not a listing service, there are no fees to be included in our database.

I was presented on a case but haven’t heard anything in a while. Do I need to follow up?
The process is unpredictable, cases are dynamic and unique, some cases move quickly and some less so. You can contact your case manager at any time for a status. Generally, our case managers make a point to keep you up to date.