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At Beche Expert Services, we customize each search to your specific needs.  We refer hard-to-find experts in unique and specialized fields by utilizing our proprietary software and extensive database of over 100,000 experts. 

Our case managers work closely with you to ensure that you get the best pre-vetted expert for your IP litigation needs.  You get free initial discussions with the experts we’ve proffered to further determine if their technical or scientific expertise is on point for your needs.  A single expert, or a team of experts, can then be assembled to best fit the needs of your case. 

I’m really impressed with the experts your company found for us, we really thought we were looking for someone that probably didn’t exist.
— Attorney

We are a specialized extension of your team, conducting rigorous and thorough custom searches for the most qualified and current subject matter experts.

We will handle the paperwork and administrative needs so you can save time and cost.

It’s great that you pre-vet these experts for us, saves us so much time on our end, and I’m really pleased with who you found.
— Attorney